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From manufacturing large molecule drugs to producing biofuels and cosmetics, ITT Tecnik offers tailored solutions for high-purity and aseptic processes across various industries. With decades of expertise, we specialize in delivering dependable stainless steel hygienic diaphragm valves and hygienic twin screw pumps, earning a distinguished reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Our range of engineered valves and pumps caters specifically to the demanding standards of the biopharmaceutical sector, ensuring efficiency and product purity.

Engineered Valves: Enhancing Biopharmaceutical Processes

Our Pure-Flo® EnviZion® valve is a game-changer in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Featuring a revolutionary mount-and-turn design, this valve enables tool-free installation and maintenance, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. Equipped with an integrated thermal compensation system and specialized diaphragm, it effectively counters thermal cycling effects, minimizes leakage risks, and prevents batch contamination. By choosing our valves, you not only improve reliability but also safeguard product purity.


Bornemann Pumps: Reliable Conveyance for BioPharm

The Bornemann SLH hygienic twin screw pump is another advanced solution tailored for biopharmaceutical applications. Constructed with high-quality materials and designed for hygienic standards, the SLH pump holds EHEDG and 3-A certifications, ensuring ease of cleaning and sterilization. Its unique contact-free intermeshing screws and closed chamber design facilitate gentle product conveyance with minimal pulsation, meeting the stringent requirements of bio-processes seamlessly.

Elevating Hygienic Standards with ITT Tecnik

In today’s competitive biopharmaceutical market, cutting-edge technology and proven experience are indispensable. ITT Tecnik’s value-added solutions integrate industry-leading products like the Pure-Flo® EnviZion® valve and Bornemann SLH hygienic twin screw pump, empowering you to optimize your processes while maintaining the highest hygienic standards. Discover how ITT Tecnik can elevate your biopharmaceutical operations today.