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Case Studies

Biopharm valve reliability: Solving the caustic challenge

A pharmaceutical company had a fermentation reactor with recurring caustic process leaks. They upgraded to ITT’s EnviZion valve, which completely eliminated the caustic valve leaks and batch contaminations, dramatically reducing maintenance time and investigation costs.

Major pharmaceutical company undergoes critical valve upgrade

The pharmaceutical company received an upgrade to EnviZion diaphragm valves, which solved their seal failure problem while enabling future diaphragm replacements to be made much more rapidly.

Skid Design Improves Sterile Manufacturing Environment

A filtration skid was designed with Pure-Flo hygienic diaphragm valves, reducing the risk of contamination and optimizing process efficiency.

Valve Solution for flu vaccine production

With ITT Engineered Valves, a vaccine facility received its order in almost half the time—allowing for a timely completion of site construction and the ability to produce vaccines in the event of a flu pandemic.


White Papers

Unlocking Efficiencies in Plant Processing Equipment

Establishing preventative maintenance frequencies and new emerging hygienic diaphragm valve technologies can significantly reduce plant downtime resulting in big savings.