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Product Description

The Advantage® Compact Stainless ACS actuator is the latest addition to the process proven Advantage Actuator product line. Designed as a maintenance-free actuator, it is engineered to handle the most demanding requirements of the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless steel construction of the ACS is suited for severe duty applications, such as SIP and high cycle applications. It has been subjected to extensive life-cycle testing far exceeding industry requirements.

The compact size of the ACS provides the utmost in design flexibility. It allows for space-saving system designs, further minimizing holdup volumes that are critical to increasing efficiency and saving time and money. Engineering improvements in the ACS offer a cost-effective alternative for clean-room use, lab environments and other critical applications. With an electropolished exterior, the ACS is perfect for clean-room applications requiring both aesthetics and wash down compatibility. All of this makes the ACS a versatile, feature-packed, cost-effective option for the demanding Biopharm and Food & Beverage industries.

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ACS Actuator

Size Range: Bio-Pure, 0.5-2″ (DN8-50) Not available in Bio-Tek size
Operating Modes: Fail Close, Fail Open, Double Acting
Max Service Pressure: 10 bar (150 psig)
Note: See sizing charts in ACS brochure for exact shutoff pressures
Max Service Temperature: 150°C (300°F)
Max Autoclave Temperature: 134°C (273°F)
Max Actuator Chamber Pressure: 6.2 bar (90 psig)
Corrosion Resistance: Resists alcohol, chloride and most caustic washdowns.