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Product Description

In a typical chromatography process, there is an assembly of five diaphragm valves that connect the chromatography column to the process piping. Manipulating those valves allows the process to flow through the chromatography column in the forward and reverse direction, as well as bypass the column completely. The Pure-Flo Integral Chromatography Valve Assembly accomplishes this task by integrating the required valves while retaining flexibility, minimizing dead legs in the process piping, and reducing the overall space needed for the assembly. The Integral Chromatography Valve provides the process needs of three (3) P&IDs, utilizing four or five valves in one integrally machined assembly, dramatically reducing contact surfaces and hold up volume.

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Standard Sizes:

  • 0.25″ – 2″ (DN 8 – 50) Valve size
  • Other sizes available upon request


  • 316L ASTM – A479
  • DN 177440, 1.4435
  • AL6XN
  • Hastelloy C-22 & C-276
  • Other materials available upon request

Standard End Connections:

  • 14, 16, 18, 20 Gauge OD tubing
  • Tri-Clover Tri-Clamp®
  • Others available upon request