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Product Description

The Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP) delivers valve sensing technology with intelligent design to control and monitor your diaphragm valves. By combining our knowledge of valve design with cutting edge valve position feedback and network communications, the ISP delivers reliable sensing technology for EnviZion and Pure-Flo hygienic diaphragm valves. The space saving design utilizes the most common discrete and network output options and can be automatically calibrated with a dongle or the ISP app.

A simple mounting configuration, auto calibration and continuous sensing make the ISP quick and reliable to install, calibrate and operate. Constructed of highly durable, lightweight plastic with completely potted electronics, the ISP is well suited for typical industry washdowns.

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The ISP can be adapted to actuators from fractional (.25, .375, 0.5) through 4″ valves.
Output/Bus Options: 2 wire, 3 wire, ASi, DeviceNet®
1/8″ NPT air connections (inlet, actuator, exhaust)
M12 male quick connector standard
FM Approval – Nonincendive Class I, II, III, Division 2

Ultra-compact Design: The ISP is integrated with the valve actuator for a space saving design that delivers installation flexibility and reduces piping footprint.

Automatic Calibration: Set up is completed in less than one minute with a dongle or the ISP app.

Diagnostic Option: The diagnostic option adds Bluetooth® connectivity to the ISP, which allows the operator to remotely control the valve and collect valve performance and maintenance data.

Internal Solenoid Option: The integrated internal solenoid option simplifies commissioning and operation.

Magnetoresistance Sensing: Utilizing the latest sensing technology, the ISP delivers high sensing accuracy, repeatability, protection against electromechanical interference and resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Multiple Output / Bus Options: The most common discrete and network output options are available.

High Visibility LED lights: The high visibility LEDs indicate the valve position and calibration status. The ISP app includes a wink command that triggers the LED lights to blink so an operator can visually locate the valve.

Potted Electronics: The electronics are fully potted (IP67, Nema 4X rated), eliminating the risk of water damage and protecting against moisture ingress and temporary immersion.

Observation Window: A clear window at the top of the ISP lets operators see the actuator spindle stroking.