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Product Description

The Sterile Filter Shunt valve is a 2-Way Divert valve designed to facilitate changing from one vent filter to another on WFI storage tanks without interrupting operations. Normally vent filter cartridges are not changed during operation due to potential for contamination. Large systems designed for continuous use often require two separate vent filtration units. The Sterile Filter Shunt valve is a sterilizable tank vent shunt valve assembly mounted on a single nozzle designed for this purpose.

The steam traced version of this valve when used with a steam jacketed filter housing, will prevent condensation from forming inside the filter housing. The assembly consists of a 2-way divert valve. The upstream side of the valve is connected to the two filter housings. The common port is connected to the tank vent nozzle. A steam condensate discharge port is positioned tangential to the weir of both valves. Two additional valves are used to close the condensate port after sterilization. These valves in turn are connected to a steam trap which then goes to drain.

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Sterile Filter Shunt
  • Available in 1.5″ and 2″ valve sizes (DN 40 and DN 50)
  • Valve can be adapted for larger tank port sizes