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Product Description

The Pure-Flo hygienic valve is a spin-off of the process proven Dia-Flo diaphragm valve line, now more than 50 years old. Pure-Flo assemblies and fabrications have been developed primarily to minimize contact surfaces and hold up volume. The Pure-Flo product line offers a complete line of cast, forged and wrought bodies to meet the needs and requirements of your process application.

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Two Way Diaphragm Valve

Sizes: 1/4-6″ (DN8-150)
Cast, forged or wrought bodies
Manual or actuated topworks

The size range, dimensional standards, as well as stainless alloys available for the various Pure-Flo body types are as follows:

  • No welded tube extensions required for most welding equipment
  • Less over-all valve body length compared to welded tube extensions
  • Fewer welds in the process system
  • Less validation paperwork due to fewer material certifications
  • Higher quality field welds
  • No narrow or off-set weld heads required.

All these benefits add up to lower installation costs and improved production schedules.