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Product Description

The ZDP process fabrication is a modification of a standard Zero Static valve. An integral valve located on the back of the valve assembly provides access to a purge port downstream of the ZSBB weir. This purge can be utilized for a multitude of process and utility applications including steam, CIP solution or as a gas purge. The down stream integral purge valve typically utilizes a .5” Pure-Flo valve bonnet assembly. The integral purge valve greatly reduces contact surfaces, hold up volume and possible deadlegs as compared to purge valves that are welded to the exterior of a standard zero static valve. The ZDP is an essential element of piping systems required to meet demanding L/D ratios suggested by the ASME BPE standard.

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Zero Static Down Stream Purge

Standard Sizes:

  • 0.5″ – 2″ (DN 15 – 50) Valve size
  • 0.5″ – 4″ (DN 15 – 100) Run size
  • 0.5″ Pure-Flo purge is standard.
  • Other sizes available upon request


  • 316L ASTM – A479
  • DN 177440, 1.4435
  • AL6XN
  • Hastelloy C-22 & C-276
  • Other materials available upon request

Standard End Connections:

  • 14, 16, 18, 20 Gauge OD tubing
  • Tri-Clover Tri-Clamp®
  • Others available upon request